People with disabilities are a high-performing labor force. But most employers in the United States don’t have specific disability inclusion initiatives. Those that do have a large advantage when it comes to finding and supporting talent.

The Workplace Initiative by Understood has developed a free online training program in partnership with the SHRM Foundation.

The training will be useful for anyone who wants to learn more about disability inclusion in the workplace. Register for the program to learn practical knowledge that you can start putting to use right away.

This free training program and professional development opportunity will earn you an Employee Abilities @Work certificate from the SHRM Foundation.

Do you want to improve disability inclusion at your company?

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Disability Inclusion Training

Hiring people with disabilities is good for people—and good for companies. Inclusive, accessible, flexible workplaces and policies are the key to helping everyone work better. Our training programs will take you through the steps of the disability inclusion journey, and provide the skills you need to create an inclusive workplace where employees with disabilities can thrive.

Free Online Training

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