The Workplace Initiative works with companies, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations to foster disability inclusion and drive social impact at scale. We believe that our work is stronger when done in collaboration with others, and we welcome the opportunity to join forces with partners who share our commitment to embracing and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

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The Workplace Initiative by Understood is partnering with the SHRM Foundation to launch the Employing Abilities @Work initiative: a program to bring awareness to value of disability inclusion and build the skills and abilities of HR professionals, on behalf of their employers, to hire, develop, advance and retain individuals with disabilities in their workforce. Our collaborative research study released in October 2019 revealed organizational attitudes about workers with disabilities and their knowledge of disability inclusion in the workplace. To activate the research, the SHRM Foundation has launched the Employing Abilities @Work Certificate: a free, multi-faceted educational program made possible by expertise and educational content from the Workplace Initiative.

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Visit the Employing Abilities @Work Site to learn more about this certificate program.

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