July2018 30

NY Transit Worst in the Country for ADA Accessibility

By Mark Hallum What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) has released a report he prepared ahead of the 28th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, highlighting the inaccessibility of the city’s subways. According…

July2018 27

Lack of Diversity in Children's Books

By Veronica Porter, Barbara Thompson, Judy Turner, Max Fishel What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 1 comment

I am finding the articles about monochrome children’s books (Report, 17 July; Opinion, 23 July) particularly dispiriting because in 1971 a team of London children’s librarians, led by Janet Hill of…

July2018 24

Movie Theaters are Stepping it up as it Relates to Access for Customers with Disabilities

By Shaun Heasley What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

Under new rules taking effect this summer, the nation’s movie theaters must do more to accommodate people with disabilities. Most theaters are now obligated to provide closed captioning and audio…

July2018 24

Companies are Getting Better at Disability Inclusion

By Karen Higginbottom What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

The Disability Equality Index (DEI) in the U.S. has revealed 126 out of 145 companies scored a 100 rating when it came to the inclusion of people with disabilities. These…

July2018 20

Starbucks Opens its First Store Requiring all Employees to Learn Sign Language

By Caterina Andreano What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

Starbucks is opening an All Signing Store that caters to Deaf customers in Washington, D.C. The coffee shop will open in October and will be staffed only by people fluent…

July2018 10

Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace

By Denise Brodey What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

Plenty of studies show that a diverse workforce leads to business gains, either in engagement, profit or efficiency, but we’re still not embracing a diverse population, often one with hidden…

July2018 6

Prosthetics Have Just Gotten Fashionable

By Meera Jagannathan, Moneyish What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

These prosthetic covers marry flair with function. McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda craft stylish leg and arm covers that people can actually afford through their British Columbia-based Alleles Design Studio, which they…

June2018 28

Accessible Hiring

By Jessica Miller-Merrel What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

Because of limitations in the hiring process, many candidates with disabilities are getting left behind. We are focusing our efforts on the candidate experience yet a growing percentage of job…

May2018 30

Meet Erika Lopez, who's part of the Amazon Alternative Workforce Supplier Program (AWSP)

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Northwest Center helps people with disabilities find jobs and keep them. The Seattle nonprofit works with Amazon to place hundreds of people, like Erika Lopez, into the workplace as part…

May2018 15

Creating Better Employee Experiences for Workers with Disabilities

By Simon Dermer What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

Companies that successfully attract and retain diverse talent have an edge — we all know that. Many studies have shown that it pays to have a varied workforce. For example,…

April2018 2

Microsoft's Global Diversity and Inclusion

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From the very first days of our company, Microsoft has sought to enable individuals and organizations around the world to do great things. Our Mission is to empower every person…

March2018 4

Dehumanizing the Interview Process. Don't Let your Hiring Systems Discriminate Against Those with Disabilities.

By Stephen Buryani What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

The automation revolution has hit recruitment, with everything from facial expressions to vocal tone now analysed by algorithms and artificial intelligence. But what’s the cost to workforce diversity – and…

January2018 11

Quest Diagnostics Starts Jobs Program for Adults with Autism

By Quest Diagnostics What's Hot in Disability Inclusion 0 comment

At Quest Diagnostics we aim to promote a healthier world, build value and create an inspiring workplace. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with organizations such…