UPS delivers innovation through transformative Transitional Learning Center.

UPS made a staunch commitment to include people with disabilities through their innovative Transitional Learning Center (TLC) at the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville, Kentucky. The TLC is a cooperative effort between UPS and the Louisville-based Coalition for Workforce Diversity.

At the TLC, people with disabilities participate in a two-week pre-employment training program that includes classroom training and hands-on simulation (using a full simulation of the Worldport package handling facility). The program focuses on job responsibilities, safety procedures and soft skills. As of October 2015, 72 of the 86 TLC trainees have been hired by UPS.

The turnover rate for TLC-trained employees was 14 percentage points less than the average rate for Worldport at large. The TLC has ushered sweeping culture change at the Worldport facility, and it’s had an incalculable impact on its participants.

Bryce, a TLC graduate, cites his ability to grow and build a career as to why he loves working at UPS. Bryce was recently selected to become a quality trainer to train new hires—with and without disabilities—who join his team. Bryce is on track to achieve his goal of becoming his team’s supervisor. UPS has been recognized for its commitment to hiring people with disabilities with the Association of People Supporting Employment First’s Large Employer of the Year Award for 2016.

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