P&G started Project WIN with a vision statement.

When P&G undertook Project WIN, which stands for Workplace INclusion, to increase the number of employees with disabilities, they outlined a set of defining “is” and “is not” statements to describe their internal vision. That ensured that stakeholders in the initiative and the broader workforce, were aligned on the program’s objectives.

What it is

  • Project WIN is a hiring strategy to find qualified employees and diversify the P&G workforce
  • Employees with disabilities will be paid the hourly or salaried wage associated with the job they are hired to do: same pay, same expectations
  • Employees with disabilities will be held to the same high standards as all other employees
  • Employees with disabilities will work side by side with employees without disabilities, creating an inclusive work environment

What it is not

  • Project WIN is not a charitable program
  • This is not a program where employees with disabilities will make sub-minimum wage or reduced pay
  • P&G will not lower performance expectations for employees with disabilities
  • This is not a program where employees with disabilities work in separate facilities (no enclaves) or after hours

If you clearly define and communicate your initiative to hire people with disabilities and integrate the program into your company’s broader culture, vision and values, that will help everyone from C-suite to frontline workers understand and articulate the program’s purpose.