Pepsi’s ACT taps people with disabilities to get the job done.

Pepsi ACT (Achieving Change Together) is a joint partnership between Pepsi Beverages and Disability Solutions @Ability Beyond to enhance the recruiting, sourcing, hiring, and training for people with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities, throughout our U.S. business.

Since 2014, Pepsi Act has helped over 200 people with disabilities across the country find meaningful, competitive employment at Pepsi Beverages. Among those 203 people with disabilities, 20 percent are veterans and 15 percent are women with an average starting wage of $18.76/hour, more than 2.5 times the federal minimum wage.

As part of the program, Pepsi ACT utilizes real-time data analysis to demonstrate the value people with disabilities can bring to a large global corporation, including higher retention rates and meeting or exceeding productivity levels. For example, Pepsi ACT employee retention rates range from 68 to 95 percent, all above the national average for frontline employees.

Additionally, PepsiCo, in partnership with Disability Solutions @Ability Beyond, is investing in the disability community by providing interview and job training in 9 U.S. cities to help people with disabilities prepare for all levels of employment, including entry level, sales, technical and management positions. Through 2016, 450 jobseekers with disabilities received training designed to improve soft skills and interview skills.