The Challenge

This innovative automotive company had previously created robust disability accommodation processes in their manufacturing environment. They also had established an active employee resource group for people with disabilities about 20 years prior to entering the project. They sought to broaden and enhance their disability inclusion practices, processes and policies for people who work in their many office based locations, and revitalize their ERG.

The Approach

The GFG team helped the company to form a cross-functional team inclusive of their disability-focused ERG. This “Disability Advisory Committee” was led by the Executive Sponsor of the ERG.

GFG provided consultative support to this team leveraging the USBLN Disability Equality Index questions, and helped the company to reach their established goals.

The Results

From June of 2014 to March 2017

  • Hired 305 individuals with disabilities
  • Streamlined and communicated a greatly enhanced reasonable accommodations policy and process for both candidates and current employees in office environments
  • Through the GFG supported train-the-trainer effort, ensured that current and future recruiters were well informed and prepared to be disability inclusive in their outreach and hiring
  • Established meaningful and productive relationships with local sourcing partners
  • Included outreach to students with disabilities in their campus recruiting efforts
  • Improved disability access of their careers portal and other external websites
  • Scored 100 on the Disability Equality Index
  • Included disability owned businesses in their supply chain strategy through USBLN Disability Supplier program
  • Participated in the USBLN Rising Leaders Mentoring Program

The company has had many opportunities to be recognized and celebrated as a best practice disability inclusive employer including at an event hosted by the OFCCP. They are now looking to expand their efforts outside the U.S., and leverage what they have learned to inform how they might better serve their customers with disabilities.