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Workplace Initiative provides direct support to companies through our Special Projects and Inclusive Careers Cohort (ICC). As part of our Special Projects, we provide knowledge, strategies, and holistic solutions to large companies, enabling them to implement disability inclusion programs at scale and nationwide. We also empower small and mid-sized companies to adopt best-in-class disability inclusion programs and to test and learn new strategies through our ICC program.

The Bazaar

Hear from the President of one of our ICC companies about how they’re implementing a best-in-class disability inclusion program with the direct support of Workplace Initiative.

Inclusive Careers Cohort

The ICC provides small and mid-sized companies with comprehensive, hands-on support to implement disability inclusion as part of a community of other innovative companies. ICC companies receive direct services designed to test and learn new strategies, build a culture of inclusion, provide technical assistance and training, and deepen connections to their communities. Our Workplace Initiative team connects ICC companies to a new and untapped source of talent: people with disabilities.


Tap into the proven business benefits of disability inclusion.


Connect with a community of innovative companies dedicated to disability inclusion.


Strengthen your workforce by including qualified candidates with disabilities.

Special Projects

Through our Special Projects, we provide intensive services to large and enterprise companies, building their knowledge and capability to implement a sustainable disability inclusion program nationwide at scale. Companies receive direct and personalized support for every step of their disability inclusion initiative, including goal-setting and planning, training its C-level, hiring and management forces, building an inclusive culture, recruiting qualified candidates, incentive planning, creating self-ID campaigns, establishing a pre-training program, andmeasuring the success of each initiative. Our team works to open up a new source of dedicated employees and to make disability inclusion lead to a net positive profit for each Special Projects company.

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Disability Inclusion Training

Our training programs will take you through the steps of the disability inclusion journey, and provide the skills you need to create an inclusive workplace where employees with disabilities can thrive.
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