Video: What It’s Like to Work From Home When You Learn and Think Differently

By Workplace Initiative Team

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the staff at Understood has been working from home since early March. We’re not the only ones. Over a third of U.S. workers have shifted to remote work since the crisis began, according to a new MIT report.

But even before COVID-19, working from home was an accommodation that many employees with disabilities requested. Even more people now require that type of accommodation, especially if they are high risk.

For some employees and businesses, having team members work from home can pose new challenges. But it can also create new opportunities. 

In this video, three Understood employees with learning and thinking differences who work with our Young Adults program talk about what it’s been like to work from home. Alex, Morgan, and Natalie share the upsides, downsides, and biggest surprises of working remotely.   

The Young Adults program provides support and resources for people ages 18–24 who learn and think differently, like people with dyslexia or ADHD. Sign up below to be the first to check out this new resource, rolling out in summer 2020.

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