Depending on how you choose to use them, some or all of the pre-screening process for hiring people with disabilities may be handled by your agency. In general, your screening process should focus on three broad categories:

1. Consideration of the requirements of the job

2. Physical ability of the candidates to perform specific functions

3. Social and communication requirements for the position

Before you begin your hiring efforts, it’s a smart idea to review your application and interview process in order to better understand where people with disabilities might be getting lost in the system, and to make any adjustments that are warranted. (You can find best practices for accessibility in applicant tracking systems and pre-hire tests at AskJAN.)

Other things to consider:

  • Is your online application process accessible, and can people with disabilities easily access it?
  • How are you integrating any partner agencies into your application and interview process? What’s their feedback about your application and interview process?
  • Have the employees who manage this process at your site had access to disability awareness and etiquette training, and do they understand your program’s goals?
  • Do applicants have the opportunity to self-identify as an individual with a disability at every step of the application and interview process?

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