Many of the accommodations your employees with disabilities need will be provided before they even arrive on site for their first day on the job. But it’s also important that the process for requesting a workplace accommodation is clearly defined at your company—and that your employees with disabilities understand it—so that they can ask for and obtain any additional accommodations they may need. The following six tips can help define the process:

Best Practices In the Workplace Accommodation Process

1. Provide employees with the contact information for the individual(s) responsible for implementing accommodations

2. Make sure the process for requesting accommodations is clear—it should be possible to make requests orally or in writing, and a third party should be able to make such requests on an employee’s behalf

3. Identify the timeline for approving and processing accommodation requests

4. Identify the process for securing any funding or other support needed to accommodate a request

5. Communicate often with the requesting employee as the accommodation is being implemented

6. Have an appeal process

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