Developing a “communications cascade” is a great way to engage and build support from your internal audiences—including employees, managers, team leads and executive leadership. In the ideal model, your messages flow from the CEO/head of the site to his or her leadership team/department leads. Department leads then share the same messages with their managers, and the managers in turn communicate with their teams of frontline employees.

For this CEO/Head of Site-to-Department Leads-to-Managers cascade to be successful, it’s essential that everyone uses the same set of talking points and understands that following the script is mandatory.

The talking points will introduce your exciting initiative, clearly explain why it’s positive for the company and employees and cover what should be considered when interacting with your new employees. (Separately, it’s also helpful to provide the leaders with a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help them answer employee questions.)

After introducing your initiative you’ll want to reinforce your message regularly—through established and existing channels, such as Town Hall Meetings, newsletters and intranet sites.

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