The Poses Family Foundation (PFF) is a New York City-based philanthropic foundation established in 2004 by Nancy and Fred Poses. Through a combination of business discipline, nonprofit expertise, funding and passion, PFF is dedicated to bringing about significant positive impact in five focus areas, the largest being learning and attention issues, such as dyslexia and ADHD.

In addition to supporting nonprofits financially, PFF provides them with capacity-building advising in strategic and operational planning, initiative design, talent development and management, and marketing to help them scale in a sustainable way.

Believing in the power of collaboration to drive greater and faster progress, PFF works together with other foundations and nonprofits to encourage cross-field thinking and collective action.

PFF was one of 15 founding partners of, an organization that helps parents of children with learning and attention issues, and has also helped fund The Family Dinner Project and the Population Media Center. In 2012, PFF established the Workplace Initiative.