The Workplace Initiative

The Workplace Initiative is a national network of foundations, companies, nonprofits and government agencies that works to remove barriers to successful careers for people with disabilities. Started in 2012, the agency was spearheaded by a team of experts in disability inclusion at the Poses Family Foundation (PFF), a New York City–based philanthropic foundation founded by Nancy and Fred Poses.

Who We Are

The Workplace Initiative team at the Poses Family Foundation is led by experts in disability employment and inclusion, including two of the nation’s foremost experts in recruiting, hiring and retaining talent with disabilities: Meg O’Connell and James Emmett.

What We Do

Simply put, the Workplace Initiative helps companies recruit, hire and retain the largest untapped source of employment talent in the country: people with disabilities.

By aggregating a network of 250 partners who are committed to creating scalable solutions for disability employment and inclusion, the Workplace Initiative strives to close the employment gap for people with disabilities through funding and advising support for nonprofits, enabling companies to amplify disability as a critical component of diversity.

Through the network, the Workplace Initiative helps organizations learn how to recruit, hire and retain talent with disabilities and strengthen the capacity of organizations to train and educate job seekers with disabilities. Through our non-profit partners, we help companies design, implement and sustain programs for hiring talent with disabilities.

Our projects support all companies looking for talent with all types of disabilities—both visible and invisible, including all types of physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental health issues, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, visual and hearing impairment, and learning and attention issues—for all job types.

In doing so, we help companies tap into a new source of talent, realize significant cost savings and reach a customer base with more than $220 billion in spending power; we strengthen communities and the economy; and we help job seekers with disabilities realize their full potential.

Workplace Initiative projects are funded by public and private sources, including grants from the Poses Family Foundation and the initiative’s foundation partners; investments from partner companies; and contributions from government agencies.

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