Welcome to the Workplace Initiative

The Workplace Initiative is a social impact program dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces where people with disabilities can thrive. Through resources, training, partnerships, and direct support, we empower employers to implement disability inclusion initiatives, enhance the employment readiness of people with disabilities, and connect job seekers to meaningful career opportunities. By inspiring companies to embrace difference and build inclusive workplaces, we advance true inclusion of people with disabilities.

Understood supports the Black community. Understood apoya a la comunidad negra.

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What is Disability Inclusion?

Disability inclusion is about more than hiring people with disabilities. It's about building a culture that welcomes and supports differences. In an inclusive workplace, people with disabilities are valued for their strengths and have the same opportunities to thrive.

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Watch an Inclusion Story

Listen to executives and employees discuss their own disability inclusion journeys.

Explore the Quick Start Guide

Discover key steps for getting started with a disability inclusion initiative.

Build a Strong Business Case

Learn why disability inclusion is a sound business strategy with great ROI.

Disability Inclusion Training

In January 2020, Workplace Initiative will launch a comprehensive eLearning library that includes hundreds of microlearning modules and additional training tools developed with our team of experts.

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