In 2017, the employment rate for people with disabilities was 20.4%,


compared to 68.7% for people without disabilities.

“Most of us believe that people with disabilities cannot perform as well on the job as others. At Walgreens we found that to be untrue. And unfair. We ended up hiring over 1,000 people with disabilities. We didn’t lower the bar when it came to performance but we did have to open the door wider to include those who are routinely overlooked. The results exceeded our wildest expectations. And the best work of our lives.”

Randy Lewis
Former Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics, Walgreens

UPS Delivers Inclusion: Transitional Learning Center

Take a peek into an innovative pre-training program at UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky that shifts the focus of disability inclusion from goodwill to meeting business needs.

Learn about UPS’s Transitional Learning Center