Case Studies

Disability Solutions @Ability BeyondPepsicoAchieving Change Together

Pepsi’s ACT Initiative

Pepsi’s ACT (Achieving Change Together) is a national multiyear disability employment and inclusion initiative that launched in 2013. Piloted in Nevada, Minnesota and Texas, the project increases the hiring and retention of job seekers with disabilities across a variety of career and experience levels at PepsiCo North American Beverages.

UPS’s Transitional Learning Center

UPS made a staunch commitment to include people with disabilities through their innovative Transitional Learning Center at the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville, Kentucky. The Transitional Learning Center is a cooperative effort between UPS and the Louisville-based Coalition for Workforce Diversity.

Procter & Gamble’s Project WIN

P&G undertook Project WIN, which stands for Workplace INclusion, to increase their number of employees with disabilities, and they outlined a set of defining “is” and “is not” statements to describe their internal vision. That ensured that stakeholders in the initiative and the broader workforce were aligned on the program’s objectives.


The current wave of company-led employment and inclusion programs for people with disabilities didn’t happen overnight. Much can be credited to Walgreens, which in 2007 emerged as a corporate leader in the field by aggressively and publicly championing the business case for hiring people with disabilities. This really was the beginning of a paradigm shift that paved the way for other national employers to carry out their own initiatives.

Other Initiatives

Over the past ten years, distribution centers have been the leading sites for initiatives toward the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities. Data collected in distribution centers is fueling a movement in logistics, retail stores and other industries where employees with disabilities are now thriving.