In 2017, the employment rate for people with disabilities was 20.4%,


compared to 68.7% for people without disabilities.

“The positive energy fostered by a diverse and inclusive team is exemplified in Toys “R” Us’s distribution centers, through the team's "Differently-Abled" hiring initiative. Over the past few years, our DC's have hired over 250 team members with disabilities, many of whom have had difficulty securing a job throughout their lives. This concerted talent strategy has reminded us that valuing each team member's strengths means valuing diversity. That, in turn, has enhanced our collective team's contribution and commitment to delivering joy to children of all ages!”

Jeff Kellan
Vice President - Supply Chain, Toys “R” Us

UPS Delivers Inclusion: Transitional Learning Center

Take a peek into an innovative pre-training program at UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky that shifts the focus of disability inclusion from goodwill to meeting business needs.

Learn about UPS’s Transitional Learning Center