In 2017, the employment rate for people with disabilities was 20.4%,


compared to 68.7% for people without disabilities.

“The key to success in workforce disability inclusion is the integrity of the program, especially as it relates to performance. It isn’t about hiring any person with a disability; it is about hiring people with disabilities who can do the job well. Finding candidates can be challenging, but one of the approaches is to develop a partnership with agencies or groups who specialize in providing services to people with disabilities. Creating a mutual understanding of the goals of both the agency and the business helps to ensure a pipeline of candidates who are qualified for the jobs.”

Deb Russell
President, Deb Russell Inc.

UPS Delivers Inclusion: Transitional Learning Center

Take a peek into an innovative pre-training program at UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky that shifts the focus of disability inclusion from goodwill to meeting business needs.

Learn about UPS’s Transitional Learning Center